Mits Alloy

Tough, durable and good looking are a few words to describe the MITS product. 

These vehicle trays and canopies are built to a standard that far surpasses many others on the market today.  100% Australian made and built by those that are just as passionate about vehicle modification and life outdoors as you are, MITS Alloy is hard to go past for quality and reliability.


All MITS canopies are made to suit the harsh Australian conditions and are available in a variety of different designs: 2 door, 3 door and 2 door with dog box options.  Many other accessories are also available, from roof racks, fold down ladders, jerrycan holders and spare wheel holders, to drawer systems, shelving, upright fright cages and fully electrical systems.


A good sturdy, reliable alloy tray is hard to find these days but MITS Alloy have trays that will really finish off the look of your vehicle.  With a variety of sizes and options, you will be hard pressed to find a better designed tray that stands up to the Australian conditions.

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