About Barossa Offroad

Barossa Offroad Campers & Accessories

Barossa Offroad Campers & Accessories takes immense pride in servicing all of our customers’ needs whether they be large or small.  We strive to give every customer the same level of attention whether you’re purchasing a high-end camper trailer or simply need us to wire up your lights.

From what started as a business run from a shed on our property, we have built up the reputation as a reliable outlet for those looking to purchase new or used camper trailers, fit-out their 4WD and/or hire one of Australia’s best camper trailers.

Need a camper or repair job done?

Barossa Offroad Campers & Accessories was born from passion; passion for the outdoor lifestyle and the love of the Australian outback.  We want to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for every one of our clients to experience travelling in their own backyard.

Having 25+ years experience in the industry, we have built up many great relationships with suppliers and therefore will endeavor to get you exactly what you want for your camper or car.  As a family owned small business we understand that word of mouth is our best advertisement and take great pride in our work.

We look forward to helping you explore the beautiful country we live in.

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